Still A Black Star

Join the humanitarian journey of Mago, one of the most influential artists from Japan,
as he confronts our global e-waste crisis through the power of art to
transform communities and unite the world.

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Still A Black Star has won 5 awards including winner of Documentary Feature, Asian Film, Social Change, Environmental Film of Award ofMerit Special Mention, Grand Prix winner of ICC Summit Kyoto 2020, and winner of LIFT-OFF Global Network Tokyo 2020.

Feature documentary from multi-Emmy Award winning Konwiser Brothers captures a remarkable chapter in the rise of an artist changing the world by starting in its most forgotten corner.

Contemporary artist Mago Nagasaka traces the flow of waste & recycling from the world’s wealthiest nations to its final graveyard, a vast scrapyard and e-waste dump in Ghana, Africa notorious for being one of the most toxic places on earth.

Embedding in the slum known locally as Agbogbloshie, Mago reverses the polarity between the third world and first through a powerful artistic expression that begins to create a new sustainable economy in Agbogbloshie and inspire people all across the world to get involved in being the solution to the global e-waste crisis.

A photo of Mago wearing a mask and standing in a e-waste burning field in Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana.
Kern Konwiser
Kern Konwiser
Mago Nagasaka